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About QuadRider

QuadRider provides services for rental and ATV rentals in 2012. The first company that started to rent Quad bikes for rent with delivery to the customer. The company’s founders are very fond of ATVs and has long been passionate about everything related to them. Read more about the company will tell you photos and videos. QuadRider is a real off-road! You can verify this by looking at the videos on the channel.

Company benefits:

  • more than 9 years of successful work;
  • cooperation with major companies;
  • thousands of satisfied customers, many turn to us repeatedly;
  • periodic renewal of ATV;
  • ATVs are prepared to cope with serious off-road;
  • the route passes through abandoned almost impassable forest roads, through beautiful fields, along a very picturesque forest river;
  • no limits on mileage and route for daily rentals;
  • delivery in Moscow and the neighboring region;
  • the possibility of self delivery (we will give you trailer for free!);
  • helmets, protective gear;
  • a compulsory briefing and explanation of safety;
  • a flexible system of discounts;
  • polite knowledgeable staff always ready to answer your questions and make your stay comfortable;
  • gift certificates for any amount or service.

You will discover a new form of transport and, most likely, decide to buy myself the same.

About our ATVs

Quad bikes CFMOTO:

  • are optimal for travel together cross-country;
  • have a powerful engine capacity of 500 cm3 and 600 cm3, allowing to move at speeds up to 90 km/h;
  • have a long base on which to go together with great comfort and gives good stability;
  • equipped with all-wheel drive system and locks that will allow you to confidently move on the road;
  • have a large truck platforms.

They rode with us:

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