ATV quests

The company QuadRider is pleased to offer you a unique service — ATV quests!

You will have an unforgettable adventure. To win you will have to show not only the skills to control the ATV, but the ingenuity, observation, logic and team spirit. In the game you have to solve riddles, puzzles, find caches and cross areas of heavy off-road.

To participate in the game you can come with your own ATV or rent our ATVs. The game takes place with the support of our instructors on a separate ATV. The game lasts 3 hours. Quests are held in club QuadRider (40 km from MKAD on the Yaroslavl highway, «Adventure park», read more about club you can here).

We invite you to our quests:

квест на квадроциклах дневной

Quest «Proton: space odyssey»

The rescue squad goes in search of the Black box of the fallen carrier rocket «Proton», which delivered the data required for the stabilization of the International space station in orbit. You need to find the Black box and open it to retrieve the data. Information is needed in three hours! Your success depends on the reputation of Russia!

The quest is given 3 hours.
Number of players: from 2 persons. The recommended number of 4-8 people. For bookings of more than 3 ATVs, a 20% prepayment is required.

квест на квадроциклах ночной

Night quest «In search of restless souls»

You are a group of pilgrims walking along the path to Pereslavl, stopped for the night in the village Vozdvizhenskoe. At dinner the innkeeper told the story of Sagittarius, whose ghosts to this day roam near the village and apologize to the travelers, taking them to the hat along with the head. In order to help the archers find peace, you need to release the vessel with the spirits waiting for their heroes in the old casket, and the casket doors without keys can not be opened. He did not just went on a search, but did not succeed. Deciding that for the sake of good deeds rest will wait, you go at dusk for the answers to the old rural burial…

The quest is given 3 hours. This quest works in dark time.
(Based on real events.)
Number of players: from 2 people (minimum 2 ATVs). The recommended number of 4-8 people.
Prepayment is required.

TV channel «NTV» on the quest ATV «Proton: space Odyssey» (winter):

TV channel «Moscow 24» on the ATV quest «Mysterious forest» (summer):

Excerpt from the «Wedding album» of the TV channel «Podmoskovie 360» on the ATV quest «Mysterious forest» (summer):

The cost of participation in the game on our ATV:

— 1 quad (2 players) — 9000 RUB.;
— 2 quads (2-4 players) — 16000 RUB.;
— 3 quads (3-6 players) — 23000 RUB.;
— 4 quads (4-8 players) — 30000 RUB.;
— 5 and more — by agreement.
Read more about ATV can be viewed here, gasoline and helmets are included in the price.
It is possible to organize a picnic after completing the quest.

How to join us:

Our address: the Yaroslavl highway, Sergiev Posad district, Morozovo village, «Adventure Park». For the Navigator: 56.229339, 38.060061

How to dress:

In the warmer time of year: comfortable sports clothing for the weather, athletic shoes. It is advisable to bring waterproof shoes and a spare set of clothes. If you don’t have waterproof shoes, you can rent boots (100 RUB. per pair).

In the cold season: warm sports clothing (in winter it is ideal to dress ski suit or snowboard), warm shoes (preferably ankle high), and most importantly — warm gloves.

We have a warm and cozy dressing room, WC, free Internet Wi-Fi.

A good option for those who want to combine quad riding with a full vacation.
A great place for corporate parties, any celebration or event in the fresh air.

Read more about the Club QuadRider and additional services can be viewed here.

Call us:

+7 (499) 390-41-35

+7 (915) 011-05-55

Additional services:
— hotel for 50 guests
— restoraunt
— sauna
— hamam
— cedar barrel
— salt room
— swimming pool with sea water
— halls for banquet
— terraces for celebrations
— picnic area with barbecue
— rental horses
— parking
— Wi-Fi

Experience of Cornelia Mango and her friends after completing the quest «Mysterious forest»:

квест на квадроциклах зимой
квест на квадроциклах зимой
квест на квадроциклах зимой

One of the first guests passed the quest «the Mysterious forest», become professionals in this field from the Guild Quests. About their experiences you can read here.

Квесты на квадроциклах

Квест «Таинственный лес»:

Отзывы на Квест в реальности Таинственный лес (QuadRider)

Квест «Протон: космическая одиссея»:

Отзывы на Квест в реальности Протон: космическая одиссея (QuadRider)

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